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Twilight High Tea at The Langham

Hello lovely! So it’s my birthday month, July, and it’s time again for my Birthday High Tea. Every year, I always choose a special place for my Birthday High Tea and this year, I wanted to do something different. Now, High Tea after dark ~ that I haven’t done before. Only at home, when I feel like making a big fuss about our tea time after dinner. I was going to do that for my birthday party theme this year but ended up doing a Night in Paris instead, (will share a few photos about that soon) so when I saw that Langham is doing a Twilight Tea with Wedgwood, I jumped at the chance of experiencing it on my special day.

I always love walking into the lobby. Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t it remind you of the Beauty and the Beast setting? It’s so grand and luxurious, but romantic at the same time.

We were welcomed and led to our table by Philippe, who greeted me “Happy Birthday” straight away. He was really nice and welcoming and took care of us the moment we sat down on our table. 

The first thing that caught my eye was a cute pink card sitting next to the elegant Wedgwood teaware with my name written on it ~ it’s a birthday card from the Langham hotel team! Isn’t that the sweetest thing? And also a cute pink box of cupcake for me. Thank you, Langham. That truly melted my heart.

After a few minutes, Philippe came back with the highest tier of plates I’ve ever seen in my entire High Tea experience. It’s got four! Not three, but four tiers of assorted selections! Now, I can say, I’ve had the highest of High Teas.

Let me take you on a full tour of the four tiers. Starting from the bottom tier, there’s four different kinds of sandwiches, smoked salmon, avocado and watercress, smoked ham and chicken. I had all of them and they were yum! Scrumptious plain and fruit scones on the second tier that didn’t last very long. Yes, it was that good. Strawberry choux pastry, mango and passionfruit macarons, and a very special Valrhona Manjari chocolate sphere with hazelnut in sable biscuit on the third tier. Hungry, yet? And like they say, save the best for last. On the top tier was the salted caramel and macadamia tart, the super cute and sweet mushroom meringue and white chocolate mousse with raspberry and pistachio. 

Do you know what the special part of The Langham Twilight High Tea is? Their tea-based cocktails. (pictured above) I know, right? That’s something you can’t get from a traditional afternoon tea so instead of getting champagne, we tried both of their cocktail specialties. The first one was called Wedgwood Spark. So fruity and refreshing. It’s a mix of watermelon liquor, cointreau, orange juice, Wedgwood blend tea, and Prosecco, finished with a rose-shaped strawberry. Now for the second one, my personal favourite, is called Twilight Wedgwood. It’s got vanilla vodka, Chambord, lemon juice, Wedgwood silk rose tea, egg, sugar and topped with pretty dried roses. It took me a while to drink it because it’s too pretty and delicate-looking. It’s as delicious as it is beautiful. The first sip took my breath away – and that’s coming from someone who only takes sips of wine on special occasions. I know, I should be into wine more. But I assure you, my better half can drink more than my share so I think, that balances out everything. Here’s a few more photos from that night…

The cute mushroom meringue with chantilly cream added a whimsical touch to the whole thing. Love it!

The Wedgwood blend tea couldn’t be more a more perfect match to my sweet indulgence.

It was a really lovely Birthday High Tea, thank you so much Langham for this wonderful and five-star quality service and experience.

And if you also want to experience Twilight High Tea at The Langham, better plan it soon as it ends on the last day of winter and it’s only during weekdays, too. Now, imagine yourself indulging on dainty sandwiches and pretty little sweets with a Twilight Wedgwood cocktail on your hand after a long day at work. Not so bad, eh? xoxo


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