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My Last Post As A Twenty-Something

In a few days, I'll be turning thirty. Oh my!

Time does fly when you're having having fun.

I bought my husband his dream car the other day. But leading up to it, bad luck have been pouring like crazy,  and I even got sick worrying about it that made me think maybe I shouldn't go for it. My husband is right though, we really do have to work hard for what we want, and it becomes a lot more rewarding when you get it. And I did get it.

You should've seen the smile and look of awe on my husband's face when he first drove his car. That was the best feeling ever. All our lives, he's been the one giving me everything I want, making my dreams come true, so to know that I'm capable of doing the same thing for him is an amazing feeling.

Yesterday, I felt like my luck has turned. And it was confirmed when I found peonies while I was looking for flower arrangements for my birthday party this weekend. Peonies in the middle of winter!

So many lessons and realisations learned in the past 29 years and this life is so much more beautiful than I could ever dream of or hope for, so if you ask me if I'm anxious to turn thirty?

A little bit.

Excited? Definitely!

I'm ready for the start of the third decade of my life.

I know the best is still yet to come…♡


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