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High Tea at Tea and Niceties

This is one of those moments you can’t put into words. It’s like stepping into my own dream High Tea. If I have my own High Tea place, this is how it would feel and look like. From the moment I walked in, and was approached by the lovely Emma and Jade, I’m sold. The whole place was so enchanting. From the white Tiffany Chiavari chairs, the elegant silver and fine china wares, gorgeous chandeliers, flower sugar cubes to the beautiful ladies wearing pearl necklaces while serving tea. Please, nobody pinch me! I didn’t want to wake up! The attention to detail was just breathtaking and that’s what I always look for when I’m having High Tea ’cause that’s what sets apart the great places from the okay ones.

Where do I start? Recently, my Mr. Wassle and I went on a mini break to Queensland. Of course, I would never pass on the chance to have high tea at one of the most-talked-about High Tea places in Gold Coast. I had to hire a Mini Cooper, my dream car, to transport me to my dream destination in Mt. Tambourine. But boy, oh boy, am I glad I went? Or I would’ve missed out big time on not just a wonderful High Tea, but also a one-of-a-kind experience. But don’t get too excited yet, I’m just getting started.

This is me checking out the Tea List. You have to try the Stockholm tea. It was recommended to me by Jade. It’s black tea with the perfect blend of apricot, vanilla, and flower petals so it goes well with everything.

These beautiful flowers are actually from their garden!

But sometimes, you get all caught up by the dreamy ambiance but when the food comes, you get taken aback, underwhelmed or a bit disappointed. This is not the case for Tea and Niceties. (Remember, we’re still in my dream.) The fluffy mini scones… perfectly-shaped sandwiches… the generous assortment of sweets… I love how they made them all small so we can have a bit of everything. There’s so many varieties and everything on the tier was carefully prepared and displayed beautifully so it’s like eating little drops of heaven. Every bite of the pretty cakes and every sip of my Stockholm tea (my new favourite, by the way) was followed by a deep sigh, or probably a moan. There’s a bit of groan somewhere too, I think. 😁 (Yes, it is that good.)

But I think someone pinched me mid-daydream because there’s one downside to this whole event. Can someone please tell me why I wasn’t wearing my pearl necklace to my dream place? Since I got my pearl necklace from my husband a few years ago, I’ve made it my little own tradition to wear it to every High Tea places that I go to, even the ones I host at home. And here I am, in the middle of my sweet dream, sipping my new favourite tea, without my pearl necklace. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but feel a little melodramatic. Hmm.. But I got over it pretty quickly when I saw what was outside our floor-to-ceiling glass window.

(I wish there was like a background music from one of those Disney movies while I’m telling this story) Just when you thought the whole place couldn’t get any more magical, from where we were seated, you can see a big tree outside with fairy lights wrapped around it, and, a swing! A beautiful swing hanging from the tree adorned with tulle and ferns! Just like in my dream! I swear someone from Tea and Niceties must’ve stalked my dream and turned it into reality. The tea room is actually filled with beautiful gardens of gorgeous flowers and hanging plants. I can only imagine how enchanting the whole place must look like at night. No wonder they’re popular for weddings and intimate events. 

The Tea and Niceties have a fantastic team as well. The service was impeccable and you just feel right at home. Everyone was so friendly. Jade was amazing, making sure I always have a fresh pot of tea, (very important) and did I mention that she is very pretty? She’s the face of Tea and Niceties so you can see her in every Tea and Niceties website, catalogues and brochures. Emma was just as lovely, too. She’s always checking up on me and making sure that I’m having a fantastic time. I also got the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Janine, she’s the owner, who took time to say hi even though she’s busy creating magic in the kitchen. She told me that Tea and Niceties was actually started by her Grandma and Mom. How sweet is that? Generations of beautiful tradition.

So if any of you lovelies ever get a chance to visit Gold Coast, and you’re a big High Tea fanatic, I highly, highly recommend Tea and Niceties. Make sure to book weeks in advance though, especially if you want a weekend one as they get booked out pretty fast. Trust me, you’ll have the High Tea time of your life. And please, don’t forget your pearls!


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