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High Tea at Park Hyatt Melbourne

If you want to be pampered VIP style, then this is the perfect place to go for High Tea. My hubby and I had a wonderful time during my afternoon tea last Sunday. We were seated on the same table that we celebrated our anniversary a few years ago. One of the best tables in the house, I think.

When sat down, we were served our sparkling wine straight away, then the pretty lady that was serving me said, "I heard it was someone's birthday." I blushed and said that my birthday was last week.

Then she came back with the three-tiered plates filled with generous servings of sandwiches, and sweets like mini strawberry pavlova (my personal favourite), cheesecake, lemon meringue, and scones, all beautifully presented on top of each tier. She also brought an extra plate with "Happy Birthday" written on it in chocolate sauce next to a pretty array of petit fours. That made me almost jump in my seat with excitement. It was just a lovely gesture.

I had two pots of tea, which means, I'm having a great time and my hubby had a bit to drink too, which also means, nah! He just likes his wine too much. LOL but kidding aside, he also had an amazing time. He finished both his scones before I even took a photo of it. I usually get half his share.

Everyone was so friendly and attentive. The service was still as amazing as I remembered years ago. Even the gentleman playing the piano was very friendly and gives me a smile every time I walk by and even nodded goodbye before I walked out the door.

The little things like that mean a lot to a guest. It makes them feel special and loved. Thank you Park Hyatt for the beautiful experience and for ending my birthday month with a loud clink.☕️☕️ I will definitely see you again soon.


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